Crown of Life Christian Academy has a very active Crown Community (formerly called PTO) made up of staff, parents and faculty members. The Crown Community coordinates and supports the efforts of the parents, faculty and CLCA community members to provide resources and experiences which enhance and enrich a Christ-based learning environment for our students. The Crown Community strives to promote the Academy’s core values of Trust, Humility, Teamwork, and Optimism.

The Crown Community supports academic excellence through programs, activities, and events. Volunteers from the academy are utilized to facilitate the events and activities sponsored by the Crown Community. The funds raised over the course of the year directly benefit the students of CLCA in the classroom, facilities, and grounds as needed.

2020-2021 Crown Community Board Members

Chairperson: Shandell Wedl
Vice Chair: Kaela Hutter
Secretary: Niki Kiefer-Thompson
Treasurer: Cara Heagney