“Silver Knights”
Grandparent Club

We LOVE our grandparents at Crown of Life Christian Academy! They don’t call ’em ‘grand’ for nothing! Sometimes known as Papa, Grammy, Pops, or Nana; grandparents simply make life a little more special.


Silver Knights Informational Video

What is the Grandparent Club?

Members of the Grandparent Club will be listed on the Silver Knights page of the school website (updated in November/March) and receive a welcome gift in the mail for joining. We keep our members informed about school events and activities via email as the Knight News is sent out on a weekly basis throughout the school year. Funds received from Grandparent Club memberships go directly towards our operational budget, allowing us to provide enriching experiences both in the classroom and through academy activities.

Ready to join the club?

Send your mailing address and relationship to our scholar via email to Sarah Moore at sarah.moore@crownoflifeacademy.org or call 920-563-2278. Sarah will follow up with you to complete the membership process.

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Charitable Giving From Your IRA

Are you a grandparent or supporter of CLCA (70.5 years or older) that would like to make a charitable gift directly from your traditional or Roth IRA?