Scrip Available at CLCA

Picture this:

You spend a busy Saturday out and about. You grocery shop. You grab a coffee. You pick out presents for the upcoming grandchild’s birthday. You fill your tank with gas. You stop for dinner on the way home, decide to catch the new movie at the theater, and then head home. Exhausted from a busy day, you add up your receipts and see you spent a total of $300. Guess what? You could have just earned money for a child’s tuition at CLCA and given a donation to CLCA too.

How is this possible?

Welcome to the Scrip Program. Scrip is a term that means “substitute money.” When you purchase Scrip, you’re purchasing gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use Scrip to purchase food, clothing, gas, electronics, coffee, a stop at your favorite restaurant, or as gifts.

The concept is simple: The Great Lakes Scrip Center acts on behalf of schools, churches, and non-profit organizations to purchase large amounts of Scrip from participating retailers at a substantial discount. CLCA buys the Scrip from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount and re-sells the certificates to families like yours for full face value. The discount (from two to fifteen percent or more) is revenue for CLCA and tuition credit for your child or a family of your choice. We set the Scrip Program to help families with tuition.

Here’s the best part:

75 percent of the rebate on any retailer’s Scrip can be designed for tuition credits for your children or can be designated to another family. The remaining 25 percent is a donation to CLCA. The tuition designation is for future tuition. A Scrip tuition credit account may be opened for families with children as young as newborns. Just register online and complete an agreement form to open your Scrip tuition credit account. And, grandparents, other family members, co-workers, or neighbors can purchase Scrip that can accrue towards YOUR Scrip family account.

What to do:

  1. Go to and click Register on the top right of the page.
  2. Select ‘Join a Scrip Program’.
  3. Enter our school’s enrollment code: 7DDA67B257835 and click ‘Register’.
  4. Fill out the Register form with your information. If you’ve already been ordering SCRIP through our school’s program, we have an account created for you. Contact your coordinator for your login info.
  5. Once you enter your info, they will send a code to your cell phone that you will need to enter to verify your phone and further protect your account. When this step is completed, your account will be registered.

Now your account is established with ShopWithScrip and you can start using it.

  1. From the ShopWithScrip home page, click on Dashboard in the upper right-hand side of the page.
  2. To place an order, click Express Order.
    a. You can also view order history, track your rebate and manage your personal settings here.
  3. The order you place will be sent to your Scrip Coordinator and you will need to pay with a check before the order is released.
    a. Follow instructions below to set up Presto Pay to avoid waiting!
  4. Orders are placed once weekly on Monday mornings so be sure to get your order in before then so you can receive your cards by Wednesday afternoon.

CLCA Scrip Coordinator:

Cara Heagney: 920-563-2278 or