Fine Arts program

The Crown of Life Christian Academy Fine Arts program is designed to give all students the opportunity to explore and develop their God-given talents in music and visual arts. Students in grades 1-8 participate in specialized music and art classes outside of their homeroom setting. Students also have the opportunity to take piano lessons during the school day hours.

Music Curriculum

Students in grades K-8 will experience the endless benefits of merging technology, hands-on learning, and fun in the music classroom. Students will be given opportunities to show their musical knowledge and skills through the artistic processes known as Create, Perform, Respond and Connect. On Fridays, students are encouraged to show their love for their Savior by beautifying our chapel service through singing or playing an instrument.

  • Innovative teaching methods combing technology and hands-on learning
  • Age-appropriate lessons on music, theory, voice and music appreciation
  • Study of notation, rhythm and music terminology
  • Encouragement to participate in small group ensembles for school events, worship services, and community outreach events

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Art Curriculum

The K-8 art curriculum is designed to teach basic concepts of art in a way that allows children to be creative and enjoy the process, not just the finished product. Technology and literacy will also be infused into the program as students will manage their own digital portfolio and learn to write reflective artist statements on their work.

  • Create artwork through various mediums and techniques
  • Learn to photograph and edit their own artwork via a mobile device
  • Research artists, styles and art history
  • Create and maintain digital portfolios on, as part of the academy’s online gallery, showcased to family and friends
  • Respond to/connect with other student artists