For the time being, the delivery method of our education is changing.  We are still committed to high quality, Christ-centered education. In order to accomplish this, we are transitioning our delivery of instructional service to an extended learning model.  CLCA will be taking a blended approach to our extended learning model. This methodology infuses both physical classroom resources and virtual learning applications for a comprehensive plan. Our plan to complete that is laid out in the following pages.  The roll-out-of this new virtual learning will not be perfect. You will have many questions and we will work to answer those questions as quickly and completely as possible.

Students will engage in learning for all classes through various blended methods so that there is continued instruction and learning during the extended school closure.

Click here for our Extended Learning Plan, which includes materials needed, overall structure, student expectations, attendance & support.

Student’s Google Classroom Links:

Grades 1-2:

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Grades 5-6:

Grades 7-8: